Odin Flash Troubleshooting Guide – How to fix errors of Samsung Odin flash

Samsung odin is a windows based ROM flashing tool specially made for Samsung smartphones and tablets. It is the best tool at this moment to falsh, root or install custom ROMs to your device. Users can download Samsung odin 3.10.7 latest version from XDA developer page without any payment. Today, I do not expect to discuss about odin software as my previous articles. Hence, I hope to continue my article on how to fix some errors come up during or after Samsung odin flash program.

I expect to provide this guide for information only. So I can’t get the responsible of any device damages. I think that this guide will be very useful for you. If you also have any problem, there is a comment section below. Leave it.

download odin 3.10.7


Do not begin to flash your handset with Samsung odin, if you know that your USB port may be fault in any way. So please fix it before begin to flash, because if the connection to the computer fails during the process, the flash will fail. Even, sometimes it will be a reason to hard bricking your device and your device will need a new motherboard.

Efs is the folder which contains your IMEI. After flashing a ROM the efs folder will corrupt. So you should take a backup of your efs folder.

If Samsung odin has not recognized your phone

Odin will recognize your phone in download mode. But if your device is not recognized by odin download in download mode, then try below things :

Open odin software and enter to download mode without the phone plugged. Then plug it and wait a few minutes.

Did not successfully? Then try again changing the USB port. Still did not work, then try again by changing your computer. If does not work yet, completely clean install of the USB drivers and reinstall the USb drivers.

Did not work yet? then follow these steps :

  1. Shut down your phone and computer.
  2. Disconnect your handset from computer and remove the USB cable from PC and phone.
  3. Boot up the PC, log in and wait until it settle.
  4. Start Samsung odin and put your device in download mode.
  5. Connect your phone to a USB port.

If you are still not having luck, then you need to repeat those steps. Change USB cable, USB port, computer, etc. After several tries, you can get your device into download mode and then Samsung odin will recognize your device.

Some Common Sense Tips

Run Samsung odin software as an administrator in Windows, because Odin is windows based ROM flashing software.

Do not forget to remove your phone case, because the phone cases make it impossible for the USB cable to correctly set in the USB port.

Download Samsung odin correct software from XDA developers and find a correct user guide.